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Soumya pushed into the river - Shakti 15th June 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Soumya asking Nimmi if she is angry with her. Nimmi says yes. Soumya promises that she will never wear frock and tells that she missed her yesterday night. Nimmi hugs her emotionally and says I missed you too. Soumya tells Nimmi that she wants to stay with both of her parents and asks her to stay with Papa. Nimmi says everything will be fine in few days. Biji comes and asks Soumya is here? She asks if everything is fine. Nimmi asks Soumya why did you take a decision to stay with Mahinder. Soumya says Surbhi loves Mahinder very much, and if we had left home then Surbhi could never be happy without him, and I couldn’t live without you, that’s why I said that I want to be with Papa.

Nimmi gets impressed with her maturity and thinking. Surbhi comes home from school and tells Bebe that she wants food. Bebe asks her to ask Nimmi instead. She gives Surbhi’s stuff to her and asks her to keep it in Nimmi’s room, as they will keep only Soumya’s stuff. Surbhi gets jealous. Bebe thinks it will be fun now. Surbhi checks her toys and who had cut my toys. Bebe says I don’t know, may be Soumya did. Soumya is shocked. Nimmi tells why would Soumya do such a thing. Surbhi scolds Soumya and accuses her for ruining her toys. Soumya looks on shocked.

Surbhi looks at her frock and asks about it. Bebe says Soumya had worn it today. Surbhi gets angry and asks her not to come near her again. Soumya is about to go to Surbhi, but Bebe stops her and asks her to go to room. Nimmi tells Bebe that Soumya can’t do this, and it is all your doings. Bebe says you might know then why I am doing this? She says decision is in your hands now, lets wait and watch..what I can do. She says call police, I have filled hatredness in Surbhi’s heart, and she will spit on your face and hate you. It will be good for you if you leave with Soumya. Nimmi and Biji are shocked.

Jugni comes to Nimmi and asks what they are doing at home, when Soumya and Bebe went to Ashram for some puja. Nimmi gets tensed and asks Surbhi to come. Surbhi refuses. Jugni convinces Surbhi and says Kalsi is waiting for her. They leave. Nimmi, Biji and Surbhi comes there. Nimmi asks Surbhi to sit ad looks at Soumya. Surbhi thinks Nimmi never cares or love her. Bebe tells Soumya that she will be back. Soumya sees kids playing and goes. Surbhi follows her. Soumya comes to the bridge and looks down in the water. She calls her name Soumya….Maa…and claps. Surbhi gets jealous and recalls seeing the cut toys…etc. She recalls Mahinder and Nimmi indifferent behavior. Soumya takes Choti’s name as it echoes. Surbhi comes near her and pushes Soumya down in the river/lake. Soumya is shocked and shouts for help. She sees Surbhi to be the one who pushed her. Someone hears her screams and says whose daughter is this? Many people come there. Someone informs Nimmi that a girl is fell down in the river.

Nimmi runs there along with others. They get shocked seeing Soumya struggling to rescue herself while being in water. Nimmi cries and says someone please save my daughter. Jugni asks someone to jump and save her. Biji asks her to call Mahinder. Nimmi calls Mahinder and asks him to come and save Soumya from river. Mahinder says it is better for her to die rather than ruining our respect. Nimmi is shocked and tells Biji that she will jump and save Soumya, but a humble man stops her and jumps in the water and saves Soumya. He brings her and presses her tummy to expel water from her mouth. Soumya gains consciousness and calls Maa. Nimmi cries. A man tells that younger sister have pushed elder one. Nimmi is shocked.

Mahinder comes and starts acting asking Nimmi to give his daughter. Nimmi asks him to stop acting. Mahinder asks her not to create scene there and takes Soumya with him. Nimmi asks Surbhi, if you had pushed Soumya..? Surbhi starts crying. Bebe asks don’t you feel ashamed to accuse your daughter. Nimmi says it is not Surbhi, but you are the one who is the main accused. She asks her to get afraid of God. Bebe thinks troubles would have end if Soumya had died today. Nimmi asks Mahinder to give Soumya. Mahinder says Soumya will stay with me as decided.

Surbhi tells that soumya will become bride while they are praying. Nimmi and Biji are happy. Then there is a leap in the show and grown up Surbhi and Soumya are shown. .

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