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Shakti 27th September 2016 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the goons attacking Harman from behind. Harman asks them to attack him face to face. Goons beat Harman with stick, and hits on his head. Harman falls unconscious. Few people gather there and recognizes Harman. One of the person calls Harak Singh. Soumya and other Kinnars come to the woman’s house. Woman says my baby is dead, and asks why did you come. Kareena says we came to give you happiness. Soumya says your baby is alive. She gives Amrit to her mum. Woman takes her in her lap and kisses baby. Soumya is hopeful and thinks only a mother accepts her kid even if she has defects. Woman realizes something and gives baby to Soumya, telling that she can’t take back the baby and asks them not to bring her again. She cries. Soumya is shocked and asks what you are saying? She is
your daughter? Woman says she belongs to you people and even if I keep her then she have to leave one day. Soumya tells her that her mum took care of her and brought her up. Woman says but you came here to Kinnars. She says people will not let you people live. Soumya says I will not stay with them for more days, and asks them to keep baby with herself. She says she is your daughter, she can’t stay in kinnar’s society. Harak Singh and Preeto reach to the spot and take Harman in the car. Harak Singh shouts that he will not leave the goons, who had touched his sons. Varun is also with them.

Surbhi comes to sector 3 and asks someone about the address. Woman says I don’t want my baby to live in illusion like you, says you think that your family will accept you. Soumya says she is a baby and needs a mum. Woman says she will be relieved thinking that she is alive with them. She asks them to take her from there. Soumya, Kareena and Rani come out of house. Surbhi reaches there, but couldn’t see Soumya going from there. Kareena tells Soumya that they shall go home as it is of no use now. Surbhi comes to Woman’s house and asks where is your baby? Woman shouts and says my baby is dead. Surbhi asks if some kinnars come here. Woman asks what do you want to know? Surbhi shows Soumya’s pic and asks if you know her. Woman recalls Soumya’s words and says she was right. She asks her to go out and says atleast she will get her mum. Kareena asks Soumya to sit in taxi. Soumya says I want to try it once again. Rani asks her not to cross limits and sit in taxi. Surbhi thanks woman and comes out, but Soumya is already left. Surbhi thinks this was the last chance for me, and wonders where to search her now.

Preeto asks Harman, why he is not taking care of himself. Harman asks her not to worry and says I know you both are worried for me. Preeto says she will get medicine. Harman says don’t think that I went there to find Soumya, and tells that he went there to forget her, says he will forget Soumya in few days and assures her. Guru Maa tells Saya/Mallika that Soumya doesn’t understand the difference between both worlds and will understand it when her illusion breaks. Rani, Kareena and Soumya come back. Rani tells Guru Maa that Soumya wanted to unite mum with her daughter, but she wasn’t aware that Kinnars have no relatives. Soumya is in shock and crying, thinking how can a mum reject her baby. Saya comes there, and says you have tested her destiny. He says all mum can’t be like your mum, who have fought with the world for her. She says I haven’t felt any motherly love, as my mum never hugged me and told that I am her daughter. She says I get jealous of you as you have felt mother’s love for sometime. She says we, the kinnars have no one to wipe our tears, says we have no relatives. She asks her not to cry, and says these eyes have no right to have tears as there is nobody to wipe our tears. Soumya cries hugging her. Saya asks her to stop crying and cries with her, feeling her pain.

Preeto asks Harman to search for Soumya and make her reach Nimmi, if he fails to do before navrati ends then… have to forget her. Harman agrees. Soumya calls Harman and tells about her location. Preeto is on the other side, and hears all.

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